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Dr. Larry M. Kjeldgaard is the founder and owner of Trinity Spine and Orthopedics. He specializes in the treatment of the spine and back. Utilizing minimally invasive techniques, he is especially proficient in both simple and complex spinal surgeries.

Located in Keller, Texas, Trinity Spine and Orthopedics is a group of orthopedic doctors in Fort Worth with a simple mission: to provide care, education, and comfort for our patients in an environment where they can truly feel Christ’s power and love. When patients come to us, we want them to know that not only are they in capable hands but gentle ones as well.

Dr. Kjeldgaard is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, but he prefers a more conservative approach to treatment that may involve no surgery at all. Dr. Kjeldgaard graduated from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his residency at the Community General Osteopathic Hospital in Harrisburg, PA, as well as the Orthopedic Surgery Residency Training in Pontiac, Michigan. Dr. Kjeldgaard is a member of the American Osteopathic Board of Orthopedic Surgeons, American Medical Association, The American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedics, and Texas Osteopathic Medical Association.

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  Near Dallas, TX 75235

Many surgeries are done and have you off to a home on the same day. For more complicated recoveries, Trinity offers pain management and physical therapy services.

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  Near Dallas, TX 75234

Recovering from back surgery can be long and hard, but Trinity Spine and Orthopedics has a unique approach to recovery that will help you get up and moving again right away.

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  Near Dallas, TX 75233

We live our lives vertically, and most people perform this surgery horizontally, which Dr. Kjelgaard believes is where most surgeons are making a mistake.

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  Near Dallas, TX 75232

Dr. Kjeldgaard knows this surgery has its benefits but also believes that it should be done a bit differently.

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  Near Dallas, TX 75231

Spinal decompression is an increasingly popular term, and many chiropractors are promoting a spinal decompression machine that increases the spacing in the discs to take the pressure off the nerves.

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  Near Dallas, TX 75230

Find out more about whether laser surgery is right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kjelgaard of Trinity Spine and Orthopedics.

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  Near Dallas, TX 75229

Typically, younger patients who require a procedure that involves only the nerve root, located off to the side of where the spine is, are ideal candidates for laser surgery.

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  Near Dallas, TX 75228

It is not a perfect fit for every spinal problem. Visit us at Trinity Spine and Orthopedics.

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  Near Dallas, TX 75225

It does not mean that the recovery will be pain-free. Visit us at Trinity Spine and Orthopedics.

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  Near Dallas, TX 75223

Dr. Kjeldgaard is very familiar with the use of lasers in back surgery and believes that it can be a good tool in certain situations.

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