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Plano Located in Keller, Texas, Trinity Spine and Orthopedics is a group of orthopedic doctors in Fort Worth with a simple mission: to provide care, education and comfort for our patients in an environment where they can truly feel Christ’s power and love. When patients come to us, we want them to know that not only are they in capable hands, but gentle ones as well.

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  Near Plano, TX 75252

Are you suffering from ankle problems from an old sports injury? The team at Trinity Spine & Orthopedics has years of experience in orthopedic treatments.

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  Near Plano, TX 75094

Trinity Spine & Orthopedics offers orthopedic solutions for you. We are experts at understanding your symptoms and creating treatment plans that work.

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  Near Plano, TX 75093

Contact the best orthopedic and spine doctor in Colleyville. We offer a wide range of services for numerous spine and back conditions. Call Now.

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  Near Plano, TX 75086

Center for ortho and sports medicine near Plano, TX. Looking for your cervical pain? Let Trinity Spine & Orthopedics be the Solution.

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  Near Plano, TX 75084

You may notice a gap or depression in the tendon about 2 inches above your heel bone. Tendons are long, tough cords of tissue that connect your muscles to bone.

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  Near Plano, TX 75075

Inflammation can be acute or chronic. When it is acute, it occurs as an immediate response to trauma (an injury or surgery). Chronic may be an indication of an ongoing condition.

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  Near Plano, TX 75074

This is an open wound or breaks in the skin near the site of the broken bone. The broken end of the tibia (shinbone) has torn through the soft tissues and is protruding through the skin.

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  Near Plano, TX 75034

We not only strive to provide the best treatment plans, but all our Doctors have received high honors and awards.

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  Near Plano, TX 75026

The Fort Worth doctors at Trinity Spine and Orthopedics tend to have a more conservative approach to orthopedics. This means that, while other orthopedic surgeons may propose a fancy surgery that can fix the problem, our doctors prefer to use minimally invasive methods.

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  Near Plano, TX 75025

Our methods will allow us to determine why you’re hurting, what your options are, and how to approach the situation. Our experts will help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages when considering which procedure to move forward with.

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