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Allen Located in Keller, Texas, Trinity Spine and Orthopedics is a group of orthopedic doctors in Fort Worth with a simple mission: to provide care, education and comfort for our patients in an environment where they can truly feel Christ’s power and love. When patients come to us, we want them to know that not only are they in capable hands, but gentle ones as well.

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Trinity Spine and Orthopedics

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  Near Allen, TX 75025

Our pain management expert works with you to manage and relieve your pain so that you never have to suffer. Whether your pain is post-operative or from your day-to-day life, we have a number of different measures that can minimize your pain and allow you to continue on with your regular activities.

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  Near Allen, TX 75013

Our pain management services evolved from the idea that even though someone underwent surgery or might not have a particular medical condition, a person can still feel significant pain. There are a lot of people who have diseases or conditions and receive medications to help with those conditions but still feel uncomfortable.

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  Near Allen, TX 75002

Orthopedic ultrasound is often referred to as the “orthopedic surgeon’s stethoscope.” Because diagnostic ultrasound provides immediate results, it enables real-time assessment of joints and tendons as well as the detection of fractures and structural abnormalities, infection, nerve compression, injury to ligaments, and mechanical impingement between bones and soft tissue.

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